goFLOSS! – Yet another blog about Free, Libre and Open Source stuff

12 Mar

Hello world!

Welcome on my new blog!

I will obviously be talking about the Open Source ecosystem and try to promote it as much as possible by writing about tips, news, tutorials and hopefully some philosophical nonsense too.

I will probably be writing in English, as it is the de facto international language, and as I am currently living in Australia. However, I might write a few posts in French – my mother tongue – or in Spanish – my heritage/couple tongue – or even in German one day – the FLOSS tongue I reckon! -, who knows. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter as the Interwebs can translate everything in no time already. ¡Entonces no importa el idioma! N’est-ce pas ?

Hopefully you will enjoy reading the stuff I publish. If you do enjoy it, don’t hesitate in telling me, it always feels awesome. I you think it’s utter rubbish, please say so too. If something is plain wrong or my grammar is crap, I would appreciate if you could point it out – we are here to learn from our mistakes. And I dislike being wrong.

And hopefully, I will actually DO this thing. Making it a fun experience will probably help.

So there you go!

Thank you for visiting!


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