PDF of Zotero’s default bibliography styles

30 May

Back in July 2015, I made a PDF that shows what all the twelve default Zotero bibliography styles look like.

I just found the file and thought that it would be a waste not to share it.

Here is the whole description of the document:

This is a list of all the default bibliographic styles included in Zotero v. as of July 2015, to make it easy to find the one that works best for you. The text was copied to clipboard and pasted in an ODT file, using the language option “English (UK)” when available. (Right click > ‘Create Bibliography from Item…’; Output Mode = Bibliography; Output Method = Copy to Clipboard)

It is possible to get additional styles from the ‘Zotero Preferences > Cite > Styles > Styles Manager’ menu. (At the time of writing, more than 7800 styles were available in the Zotero Style Repository.)

Notice how styles differ in how they handle a large number of authors.

At the end of this document is a RIS export of the publication for reference.

Hopefully this is helpful to others! Here is the PDF: Bibliography styles

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