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Fix the frequent rebooting / start screen cycle issue on your Fairphone

22 Jul Fairphone lock screen

TL;DR: remove the lock screen Gmail widget.

I thought I would write a post about this issue as it is not always straight forward to find an answer that helps in the community support page on the Fairphone website. Furthermore, the Fairphone team thought the 1.3 Fairphone OS update would fix this issue, but it did not do the trick (at least in my experience). Knowing that there also is a second batch of thousands of Fairphones on the way, which are likely to stock the same OS version, this post might end up being useful for people DuckDuckGoing the issue.

If your phone systematically resets / reboots / restarts itself going through the blue Fairphone start screen most times you try to use it, it might be because of a lock screen widget you have added.

I tested removing widgets, and I found the culprit was the Gmail widget. As soon as I removed it from the lock screen, everything would come back to normal. I tested removing other widgets to no avail, and figured out that the number of widgets wasn’t the issue either.

Just so you know, the stock Email widget works fine, so make sure you use this one instead of the Gmail one.

You can find the discussions related to this issue on the Community support page, where you can find my answer (and upvote it if you are keen):