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Fix different locales being used in terminal output on Ubuntu 14.04(-based) distros with KDE

22 Jun

I was having an issue with a number of different languages being used simultaneously, and in a seemingly random fashion, in my terminal output (and in other apps), on my KXStudio 14.04 install. I remember having played around with locales a while ago, but I could not figure out how to go back to my terminal using only one language.

After searching for a bit, and figuring that /etc/default/locale wasn’t the source of the issue, I found that I had to edit ~/.KDE/env/setlocale.sh for it not to conflict anymore. It was specifically the following line that contained a bunch of different languages:

export LANGUAGE=en:fr:es:de

I replaced the series of language codes with the same value as the other lines, en_GB.UTF-8 in my case:

export LANGUAGE=en_GB.UTF-8

Save the script, and restart your computer. You should be good!

Hopefully this saves a few people some pain!

More on languages: this AskUbuntu question.


Get the right locale for Evolution

27 Apr

An issue that has been bugging me for a while is that Evolution (3.10.4) somehow has the French locale even though most of my system is in British English (I use KXStudio 14.04, with the default KDE 4.13.3). Changing the locale and language preferences in the system settings wouldn’t help at all. That might have had to do with me playing around with settings and languages and software versions a lot, but there you go: I am not sure how I got there, but I found a solution.

This Linux Mint Forum thread put me on the right track. It seems there is a mismatch between the Evolution version that is installed and the base language pack in use (i.e. the Evolution version for which the strings in language-pack-en-base are written).

Here are the steps to get the extra file you need to change the language in evolution. (In my case, I wanted the en_GB locale, but you can replace it with whatever you want; you can also replace the version numbers with the corresponding Evolution version you have installed on your system.)

wget "https://download.gnome.org/sources/evolution/3.8/evolution-3.10.4.tar.xz"
tar -Jxvf evolution-3.10.4.tar.xz evolution-3.10.4/po/en_GB.po
msgfmt -cv -o ./evolution-3.10.mo ./evolution-3.10.4/po/en_GB.po
rm -rf evolution-3.10.4

This will extract and copy the right locale file into your /usr/share/locale-langpack/en/LC_MESSAGES/ folder. Close and open Evolution, and you should have the menus in the right locale. (Keep in mind that some email folders will still be in the original language if they were created that way in the first place!)

[Quick fix] Restore missing icons in GTK apps when using KDE

9 Dec

I have been using KDE 4.13.3 on KXStudio 14.04 for a while, and I noticed that when some GTK apps (Evolution 3.10 and Firefox 42 for example) used a file chooser (not the native KDE one), some icons were missing, which was particularly annoying when you couldn’t differentiate files and folders.

I am not sure how this happened in the first place, but the fix is very simple. The thing I did not know is that KDE handles the GTK looks from its system settings. Do the following:

  1. Got to System Settings > Application Appearance > GTK;
  2. Change the icon themes selected, press “Apply”;
  3. Change them back to what you want – probably “Oxygen” as default and “GNOME” as fallback, press “Apply”.

There you go. I got the file chooser icons back, plus a bunch of missing ones in Evolution too.

[Ref: After a lot of poking around, I found the solution on this Gentoo forum post.]