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fix all boot options gone from Asus F201E after LibreElec installation

16 Mar

I recently tried to install LibreElec 9.0 on my old Asus F201E, and the installation from the bootable USB seemed to work well, but at first boot from the hard drive, the system goes straight to the Bios options, with the usual boot options nowhere to be seen.

I noticed that I had never updated the BIOS version, so I got the latest from this page, put it on a USB kid (unzipped), turned the laptop on with the USB stick in, accessed the BIOS settings and used the EZ Flash tool. You can see your current BIOS version in there, and you can also navigate on your USB stick to find the update. The tool can then install that and reboots.

Straight after updating the BIOS, the computer booted the LibreElec partition as expected.

I assume that this could also work by restoring the existing version of the BIOS.