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Use a Kyocera FS1118-MFP’s scan-to-email via iiNet

2 Feb

I am writing this as a note for future reference, but hopefully it will help others. I imagine this works the same for a number of other Kyocera devices. This is not very linked to Free Software, but I want to post things about using older hardware for obvious environmental reasons, and this was tested using a computer running KXStudio 14.04 and Firefox 44.0 – not that it makes any difference :)

After repeatedly asking Kyocera for Linux scanner drivers (or even just the code from the original Windows/Mac ones in order to adapt it) for the old printer/scanner I own (Kyocera FS1118-MFP Ecosys to be precise), I ended up giving the scan-to-email function another go. I did not manage to use Gmail’s SMTP server for some reason (I really did try…), and ended up using my ISP’s (iiNet).

In short, here are the steps to make it work:

  • Follow the steps in this Kyocera document to connect the printer to your router. I found it helpful to have the printer’s DHCP function turned on in order to see it pop up in my router configuration page (for my BobLite 4, I navigate to, log into it, go to Status/Diagnostic > DHCP List) and have it’s IP address handy.
  • In your Internet browser, navigate to the printer’s IP address once connected. You will get to the Kyocera Command Center, where you can set up the SMTP server settings in Advanced > SMTP > General. Use the following settings:
    • SMTP Protocol: on
    • Port number: 25
    • Server name: mail.iinet.net.au
    • Authentication protocol: On
    • Authenticate as: Other
    • Login user name: your full iiNet email address
    • Login password: your iiNet account password
    • Sender address: whatever address you want error reports to be sent to
  • You can press the Test button to see if this works. It should return “OK”.
  • Click the Submit button tosave the settings.
  • Changes take effect straight away, so you can try scanning a document with the printer’s function Send, and adding your recipients’ email addresses in the Address Book.

Errors that you might encounter along the way:

  • Error 2102 – probably a problem with your local network of printer configuration
  • Error 3101 – probably a problem with the SMTP server

Note that these settings were used because we need a server that does not require SSL or TLS, which are not supported by this printer model. If your printer supports those protocols, you probably want to use a different port and server – refer to this Google Support page if you have an account with them; for iiNet, refer to this page to pick the right one.