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5 open project fundraisers worth contributing to

12 Apr

I will today present five projects that are currently looking for funds to keep doing their awesome work, for everyone to enjoy.

If you have some spare money, please consider helping them out! Most of those fundraisers finish in just a handful of days, so make sure you have a look at them right away.


MediaGoblin is a free software media publishing platform. This is a very important project that will offer an open and decentralised alternative to video (e.g. Youtube) and audio (e.g. Soundcloud) streaming websites, as well as document publishing services.

It is part of the GNU project. The first milestone, “Gavroche”, has been already been reached at $35,000

⇒ Fundraiser


Loomio is a user-friendly tool for collaborative decision-making: not majority-rules polling, but actually coming up with solutions that work for everyone.

Loomio is open source and is used by other projects like Diaspora*.

⇒ Fundraiser

Gooseberry Project

The Gooseberry Project is the latest project started by the Blender Foundation. It is an animation movie project that aims at involving a number of studios around the world to produce an open license quality feature-length animation movie.

⇒ Fundraiser


Pitivi is an open source video editor. The project is seeking funds to finish version 1.0. We recently heard of a successful crowdfunding for OpenShot, another well-known non-linear video editor of the Linux world. People used to complain quite a bit about the quality of video editing on Linux – we have now at least two very active and powerful pieces of software for that.

⇒ Fundraiser

Open Source Beehives

Open Source Beehives is the only open source hardware project presented here. It aims at making it easy for everyone to build their own beehive with the plans they make available. You can even build one without any glue, nails or screws!

This fundraiser is hosted on Indiegogo.

⇒ Fundraiser