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Reset the Net

5 Jun

Reset the Net is happening today, the 5th of June 2014. It is a global day of action to make government surveillance on the Internet more difficult. It was instigated by the American organisation Fight for the Future, “a nonprofit advocacy group in the area of digital rights founded in 2011″ (see the Wikipedia article). This effort is scheduled a year after Edward Snowden started revealing the NSA’s, and more generally the Five Eyes members’ global surveillance activities. The day of action echoes others like The Day We Fight Back, organised by Aaron Swartz’ Demand Progress in February this year.

Reset the Net is a great event, and I really hope it has a lasting effect on the Internet. However, this kind of change is one that needs to be durable, and this probably means that it won’t be done in a day. I will try and write posts related to government surveillance and general online privacy in the next few day to show examples of how we can switch to safer options, and report on the efforts I made myself. This will be my little contribution towards giving people ideas and making this issue more visible.

For the moment, have a look at the Reset the Net “privacy pack” to get you started on this. There is quite an array of actions you can take, from a simple switch from one app to another, to more elaborate geeky things: everyone can find something that looks doable to them.