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Split a large audio file into tracks according to cue file on Linux

30 Jan

split2flac initYou might find it useful to divide a music release that consists of one entire audio file, according to the .cue file that comes with it. There is a very easy way to do this on Linux, thanks to an open source package called split2flac.

Note that the following instructions are for a debian-based distribution.

To use split2flac, you will need to download the latest files from the GitHub project, unpack the archive and move the executable to usr/bin. You can do that last thing with the following command:

sudo mv /path/to/slit2flac /usr/bin


As stated in the readme file, you have to have the two packages shntool and cuetools installed, which is easily done with the following command:

sudo apt-get install shntools cuetools


I use the default FLAC format output as it is an open standard and it is lossless even though it is smaller than a WAVE file for example. However, if you want other formats as outputs, you can create symlinks that will allow you to use extra commands that do exactly what they say:

cd /usr/bin
sudo ln -s split2flac split2mp3
sudo ln -s split2flac split2ogg
sudo ln -s split2flac split2m4a
sudo ln -s split2flac split2wav


If you want to use a lossy format, I recommend you use the open .ogg format.

You will then need to install extra packages depending on what you want to do. In my case, I had to have wavepack and flac too because I was going from a .wv file to .flac chuncks. If you want to use split2ogg to save some hard drive space, you will need vorbis-tools. If you get an error, it is most likely because you are missing a particular package for your format conversion. Have a look at the readme file to find out what you are missing.

You can then use this nifty tool, for example with the simple command:

split2flac path/to/audio/file/filename.wv


split2flac will automatically find the .cue file and the covers that are in the directory, and create a new folder with the covers and the split, tagged and converted tracks!


split2flac tags your new converted tracks

split2flac tags your new converted tracks