• Fix “error when loading shared libraries” on Ubuntu

    Today, after upgrading to Ubuntu 20.04 (yes, I’m taking it slow…) and trying to reinstall my favourite screenshot tool, ksnip, I ran into this error: (That is, after noticing it wouldn’t open, and running ksnip in the terminal to investigate.) Put on the right track by this AskUbuntu answer, I wanted to detail the process […]

  • Equivalent to “Format as Table” in LibreOffice

    Equivalent to “Format as Table” in LibreOffice

    If you are ever stuck with Microsoft Office or Office 365 asking you to format part of a spreadsheet as a “table”, you are likely to get stuck figuring out where that option is in LibreOffice. In LibreOffice, the equivalent would be to: Select a range Go to “Data > Define Range” to open the […]

  • Fix OpenRefine stuck on “Working…” when trying to reconcile with Wikidata

    When trying to reconcile your data with items stored in Wikidata, you might find OpenRefine to be stuck on the “Working…” step, thinking it is taking a while to match your column to Wikidata entity types. However, it might be because the type guessing won’t work with a redirect that was used in version 3.3 […]

  • Uninstall a development version of LibreOffice

    If you have been testing a development version of the office suite LibreOffice, it will probably be sitting next to a stable version on you computer. To uninstall it once you are finished testing it, you can use the following command in a terminal (on an Ubuntu-based system, or a system that uses apt as […]

  • Install Ubuntu 18.04 on an Acer Aspire ES1-531

    I recently installed Ubuntu 18.04.3 on an Acer Aspire laptop. The model is described on the stickers as both ES1-531 (more generic) and “ES15 model ES-531-P8NJ”. Here are the steps to get it to work. You can get an ISO of Ubuntu from the official website: https://ubuntu.com/download/desktop Once you have created a bootable USB from […]

  • Fix limitcheck error when trying to print a PDF

    I use an old salvaged office printer (Kyocera Ecosys FS-1118MFP) which might not be able to handle some fancy things with recent PDFs – or, who knows, the PDF was a very crappy one? When trying to print the PDF in questions, I got an empty page and another one with the following error message: […]

  • fix all boot options gone from Asus F201E after LibreElec installation

    I recently tried to install LibreElec 9.0 on my old Asus F201E, and the installation from the bootable USB seemed to work well, but at first boot from the hard drive, the system goes straight to the Bios options, with the usual boot options nowhere to be seen. I noticed that I had never updated […]

  • Add “open terminal here” in Gnome Files on Ubuntu Budgie 18.04

    The distribution I currently used is shipped with Tuxedo computers and is based on Ubuntu Budgie 18.04. The thing that I missed the most when I started using it was the right-click menu item to “Open terminal here” in Gnome Files (version 3.26.3 at the time of writing). Tilix is the default terminal on this […]

  • Move your GitHub page to GitLab Pages

    If you are looking to move your website from GitHub Pages to GitLab Pages (and stick to Jekyll), here are the few steps you need to follow. Most of it is pretty straight-forward, but I thought I’d list the details and a couple more infos here. Import your project First, you need to import your […]

  • Install the Riot desktop client on a Debian-based system

    Riot is a messaging app that uses the Matrix decentralised communication network. It can be described as a Slack alternative. It is available as a webapp from your browser, but you can also install a desktop client (which currently looks pretty much the same as the webapp) on a Debian-based system (i.e. all Debian, Ubuntu […]